впс (vsopvs) wrote,

что сказать ребенку

в продолжение темы twerking dance crew - Netflix - первый абзац из статьи в Vice What to Say if a Kid Asks You What 'WAP' Means:

I have a very distinct memory of being five years old and asking my mom what “O.P.P” meant after hearing the titular Naughty by Nature song on the radio. “Other people’s privates,” she told me, a fact I’d go on to believe for another 15 or so years. I also asked her what a “pussy wagon” was, after catching the line during one of the many replays of the Grease cassette tape in the car; in that case, she managed to convince 7-year-old me that I misheard the lyrics.

и перевод статьи In Praise of Raunchy Feminism
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